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January 6th Prisoner Motion To Unseal Certain Video and Make it Available to the Public (the West Tunnel Beating Footage)

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494 3 Did Capitol Police Murder Someone Else Other Than Ashli Babbitt? 494 4 Terror in the Capitol Tunnel Please Donate to One of our Generous Sponsors So We Can Continue Our Work Oath Keepers Come to Aid of Congress Police Officer Dunn WEST TUNNEL BEATINGS INVOLVING

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January 6th Prisoner Release Motion to Stop Coerced Medical Experimentation Violating Humanitarian, Constutional and International Laws

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Exhibit A +++ Exhibit F +++ Exhibit K Exhibit B +++ Exhibit G +++ Exhibit L Exhibit C +++ Exhibit H +++ Attachment 1 Exhibit D +++ Exhibit I +++ Attachment 2 Exhibit E +++ Exhibit J +++ Attachment 3 Please Donate to One of our Generous

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Jan 6th Prisoner Renewed Release Motion

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Below you will see the full version of our Jan 6th prisoner release motion to stop coerced medical experimentation violating humanitarian, constitutional and international rights and law. Please Donate to One of our Generous Sponsors So We Can Continue Our Work

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New Jersey Man Admits Violating Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Department of Justice U.S. Attorney’s OfficeDistrict of New Jersey FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Thursday, December 17, 2020 NEWARK, N.J. – A New Jersey man today admitted that he paid a foreign official $100,000 in bribes to secure an improper business advantage and to obtain and retain business contracts,

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2020 Facebook Liberty Lawsuit

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Alternate Complaint Site Download Alternate Press Kit Site Download

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House Passes Antitrust Whistleblower Protections Authored by Senators Grassley, Leahy

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December 9, 2020 by Robert Connolly Leave a Comment Congratulations to Senator Chuck Grassley and Patrick Leahy for the passage in the House of Representatives of their bipartisan legislation that has already passed the Senate that aims to protect whistleblowers who come forward with information on criminal antitrust violations.  In

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US antitrust siege of tech widens with lawsuits vs Facebook

The giant tech companies whose services are woven into the fabric of social life are now the targets of a widening assault by government competition enforcers Via AP news wire14 minutes ago The Federal Trade Commission and 48 states and districts sued the social network giant, accusing it of

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North Carolina Department of Transportation Targeted in Decade-Long Scheme

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Friday, October 23, 2020 A federal grand jury in Raleigh, North Carolina returned an indictment charging Contech Engineered Solutions LLC and Brent Brewbaker, a former executive at the company, for participating in long-standing conspiracies to rig bids and defraud the North Carolina Department of

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Guilty Until Proven Innocent 

by Janet Labuda May 15, 2018 The legal premise of innocent until proven guilty gets turned on its head with the passage of the “Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act” known as CAATSA. At a government meeting last week representatives from the Departments of Homeland Security, State,

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Company Barred from Importing Food for Using False Manifest to Cover Up Adulteration

By Janet.Labuda@FormerFedsGroup.Com   The Food and Drug Administration has issued an order debarring a company from importing or offering for import articles of food for five years, effective March 1, 2018. This order follows the company’s conviction for (a) submitting a false Automated Commercial Environment manifest listing

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