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Kenneth Harrelson’s Reply to Government’s Response to his Renewed Detention Release Motion


Tone is uncharacteristic and regrettable, but obligatory under these circumstances where Mr. Harrelson has been under the most oppressive pre-trial detention conditions of confinement.

Significant Brady disclosure last week. A Brady disclosure is evidence that the government possesses that tends to prove the innocence of an accused. This particular disclosure contained information that is seven (7) years.

Part of the Brady information is 7 months old. PERSON TEN isn’t just anybody and this is extraordinarily significant Brady information of the most critical nature.

Much or most of what Government has alleged seems to have no basis

Government’s use of descriptive and inaccurate language and descriptions–like “operation” etc. exacerbates damage to the jury pool that has already been done and continues to be done by Congress and media.

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