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About Us

Under Bradford L. Geyer’s leadership, allow us drive your litigation and to put our partner professionals to work for you to lower your risks and costs of doing business anywhere in the world.
FormerFeds now has integrated law firm services; it is a fusion center of cross-disciplinary expertise that is customized to your urgent business needs. Making targeted and efficient use of a network of former enforcers in law firms, auditing firms, accounting firms and private investigative agencies, FormerFeds delivers business development and integrated compliance services to help your company avoid being caught up in a government investigation, or worse, an actual prosecution.
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Our Focus

FormerFeds is a leading provider of corporate defense and litigation services, internal investigations, compliance and business services to the private sector. FormerFeds combines technical excellence with professional experience to implement the best audit, compliance and risk management solutions for businesses worldwide. Based in New Jersey, FormerFeds is one of the country’s leading compliance consultancies with a team of highly qualified and accredited personnel.

Our primary consulting areas include internal investigations for law firms and corporations,  compliance assurance and business development services and assisting both foreign and US companies with their international trade and risk mitigation needs.  We also develop innovative programs for protecting intellectual property, especially in challenging environments.


Our Background

FormerFeds LLC was formed in 2010 behind the organizing principal that  “FormerFeds” – former federal agents, auditors and prosecutors – share common values, characteristics and experience that benefit employers and clients. In 2021, FormerFedsGroup.Com incorporated law firm services in-house. Prior to that time, since 2012, FormerFeds LLC worked with law firms and attorneys, but they were not in-house.

Our strategic partnerships of former enforcers provide unparalleled depth of cross-disciplinary experience at conducting comprehensive internal investigations, assessing risk and establishing good compliance programs.

Increasingly, as the business world focuses on reducing, controlling and mitigating risk, companies and law firms advising companies need the experience and integrity of FormerFeds.


Our Advantage

We believe that for ANY compliance programs to be effective they must be customized to the specific circumstances and business practices of the client, organization or law firm.

Our PerfectShield™ assessment system has been developed and field-tested by the best and brightest former enforcers with years of experience and insights regarding the U.S. regulatory system and enforcement agencies.

As you company achieves each desired level of performance, you will receive FormerFed’s PerfectShield™ Seal that signifies and broadcasts your level of achievement and competency.