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NDGA: Two Investors Plead Guilty to Bid Rigging, Expose Foreclosed Homes Racket

Cinnaminson, NJ-  Michael Stock and John Stovall Jr., Georgia real estate investors, pleaded guilty in the district court of the Northern District of Georgia to bid rigging and fraud in public auctions.  Exposing a systematic scheme to defraud the housing market, Stock and Stovall explained that they,

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Department of Defense Civilian Pleads Guilty to Bribery in Deepening Fat Leonard Scandal

Cinnaminson, NJ-  The all-encompassing Fat Leonard scandal develops further every day, this time with a Department of Defense civilian stepping forward in the case.  Paul Simpkins, a 61 year old of Haymarket, VA and contractor in the DoD, pleaded guilty to supervising the officers responsible for awarding contracts to

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SEC: Merrill Lynch to Pay $415 Million for Violating Customer Protection Rule

Cinnaminson, NJ-  Following an SEC investigation, Merrill Lynch has agreed to pay $415 million in fines and damages for transgressions against the SEC Customer Protection Rule.  Merrill Lynch entered complex options trades that falsely reduced the required deposit of customer cash, freeing up billions of reserve dollars to be used for unreported

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EDVA: Swiss Fugitive Pleads Guilty to Seven Year Tax Racket to Defraud the U.S.

Cinnaminson, NJ-  From 2002 to 2009, Michele Bergantino, 48 and a resident of Switzerland, has confessed to have aided Swiss tax service Credit Suisse in operating a large scale racket to defraud the united states.  The agency would hide assets in secret swiss bank accounts to dodge income

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Over $20 Million in Improper Payments Exposed in Analogic Corp. FCPA Scandal, Over $14 Million Due in Damages

Cinnaminson, NJ-  Analogic Corp, a Massachusetts-based medical technology company, has recently come under investigation for FCPA violations and, following exposure, has since agreed to pay $14.8 million in damages.  The company’s ill practices were revealed by their Danish subsidiary, BK Medical ApS, who entered a NPA with the DOJ,

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Maryland Man Conspires with Idaho Tax Preparer in Tax Return Racket, Faces Over Eight Years in Prison

Cinnaminson, NJ-  From 2005-2008, Charles W Parker, 49, ran a tax refund racket with Idaho tax preparer, Penny Jones, 65, that earned over $7.7 million in fraudulent returns.  Parker was tasked with gathering financial information for potential customers, whose taxes were then falsely filed by Jones, earning the

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MDFL: Orlando Man Banned From Commercially Filing Tax Returns Following Allegations of Fraud and Ill-Gotten Gains

Cinnaminson, NJ-  Following allegations of filing false tax returns, Demetrius Scott of Orlando, a franchise owner of a LBS Tax Services chain location, is now banned from preparing tax returns in the state of Florida.  Per Middle District of Florida court ruling, Scott and his company were

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Canadian Water Subsidy Mired in Multi-Million Dollar Procurement Fraud Scandal

Cinnaminson, NJ-  Manitoba Hydro International Nigeria Limited has recently come under fire for falsely attaining contracts and earning fraudulent profits via using inaccurate exchange rate for Canadian Dollars to Nigerian Dollars. The original article is reproduced below with link following: Massive fraud at Manitoba as three managers earn

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MDFL: Florida Man Coerces 18yo to Work as his Prostitute, Pleads Guilty to Sex Trafficking

Cinnaminson, NJ-  Abdullah Hamidullah, 42, a resident of Ft. Lauderdale, has pleaded guilty to one count of sex trafficking by force, fraud, or coercion in the District Court of the Middle District of Florida.  Hamidullah convinced an 18 year old woman to travel to Florida and engage in

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AAG Bill Baer Delivers Speech on Compliance, Free Trade, and More at American Antitrust Institute’s 17th Annual Conference

Link to original speech Acting Associate Attorney General Bill Baer Delivers Remarks at American Antitrust Institute’s 17th Annual Conference Washington, DC United States ~ Thursday, June 16, 2016 Remarks as prepared for delivery Thank you to Diana Moss and to the American Antitrust Institute (AAI) for having me

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