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Defense reply to Government Non-Response to January 6th Prisoner Release Motion on Humanitarian Grounds

This is not the first time that the Government and charged defendants have hotly contested issues and it won’t be the last. But for anyone who thinks our system of government or our legal system is no longer capable of sorting through contentious issues, that there is today something magic or unique about issues confronting the Nation that makes the architectural design of our Constitutional Republic outdated or obsolescent, we would submit that you are wrong. We would counsel anyone to continue exercising patience and continue to have faith in the system. Our system is without peer. It remains strong and it is in the process of reforming and restoring itself, much of this occurring inside government agencies by well-intentioned government servants. There remains no better system of government on Earth and, while being a harsh critic of its performance in recent times, one needs to balance that with its inspired and enlightened defense.

So, pardon us while the Government and our law firm slugs it out over issues that impact us all involving Liberty, Constitutional Protections and medical experimentation without informed consent.

Few knew, but among other hotly contested issues January Sixers found themselves embroiled in, January Sixers–a large group of them–while having their Liberty stolen, losing jobs and access to and communion with friends and families, often after a decrepit dehumanization process fed by false portrayals by a political system and by media, voluntarily refused to receive experimental COVID19 vaccines.


There is a news story for the ages in all this. How it is that now 34/38 January Sixers, all in solitary confinement for many months with one hour per day outside of solitary confinement, knowingly and purposefully chose as a group to not receive experimental therapies so that the nation’s children might not be forced to endure forced medical experimentation. Taking the vaccine would have significantly alleviated their conditions of confinement and subjected them to fewer indignities, even would have given them access to the freedom to worship. But they chose to stand in the gap paying a horrendous daily price, day after day, while no one even noticed!

January Sixers stepped into the gap between your children and interests that couldn’t care a whit about your childrens’ long term health and safety. They did it because it was just and and they did it to protect the country. tTey did it knowing that no one would probably ever notice.

Ironically, January Sixers who are imprisoned have GREATER protections than our children do from experimental gene therapy mandates. January Sixers can at least refuse to participate in experiments without informed consent. January Sixers get punished for not receiving the vaccine–and that’s unlawful under a myriad of laws that clearly protect prisoners, but American children very often don’t have the freedom to refuse to participate in medical experimentation.

How was it that January Sixers separated by steel-reinforced cement walls reached the the same conclusion about the importance of standing for principle despite the sacrifice involved that no one was likely to even notice. How was it that they saw themselves as a bulwark against forced vaccinations? How was it and how was the agreement formed whereby these Americans opted to form a wall between corrupted and captured public health agencies and children who are now being forced to receive dangerous experimental therapies? were you aware that you benefitted from their sacrifice? were you aware that every day they suffered more thinking about protecting our children.

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With all the bloviated and fraudulent news coverage on January Sixers, you might think someone, somewhere, some journalist, perhaps in a network somewhere, might ask one question about this. What else have they concealed?



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