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Question: Why do U.S. Attorneys have their field agents conduct drop-in or scheduled interviews of potential witnesses early in their investigations often just before, during or after the service of compulsory process?

Answer: Because doing so often:

(1) opens up new pathways of investigation;

(2) “locks in” favorable witness accounts and identifies individuals with biases or misconceptions; , and, most of all


With FormerFedsGroup, law firms enjoy:

  • promotional $200 per hour rate with caps
  • nationwide capacity to locate and interview potential witnesses according to your plan
  • extensively trained field agents with an average of 20+ years of agents with significant experience as testifying and expert witnesses
  • solid interview reports pursuant to clear and concise fee agreement
  • coordination of interviews andservice of subpoenas
  • scheduling for optimum results and integration factoring in your tactical and strategic preferences
  • compliance with U.S. Department of Justice guidelines and protection by confidentiality agreement
  • document reviews, sampling, internal audits, expert testimony and consulting