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PerfectShield™ Self-Regulation Model

PerfectShield™ focuses and directs compliance risk mitigation efforts for our corporate clients whether their compliance needs are overseen by inside counsel or by outside law firms. We provide a cutting edge solution informed by years of practical experience that helps legal advisers protect their clients in the United States from state and federal enforcement agencies. PerfectShield™ also supports company operations around the world in areas like Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

PerfectShield™ Model
— The platinum standard in compliance, through the stewardship of your legal counsel.

PerfectShield™ Provides:

  • Immediate assessment and gap analysis informed by deep investigative agency knowledge.
  • Centralized, whole-of-business risk and compliance visibility and benchmarking.
  • Easy implementation for the regulatory environment in any sector.
  • Early warning and protection system that preserves privileges.
  • Seamless integration

PerfectShield™ identifies significant gaps in a program that can focus training efforts, prompt timely internal investigations and corrective actions combined with mandatory disclosure expertise. Whether the appropriate course of action is to leave the matter “in-house” or refer it to an outside law firm, our investigative methodology provides exemplary risk mitigation while keeping an on-going record of actions taken for subsequent enforcement agency scrutiny.

Evaluation of risk level


Until PerfectShield™, few companies could afford the luxury of a “deep-dive” risk assessment. PerfectShield™ changes that by providing corporate legal departments or compliance officials with a “deep dive assessment,” and documents the company’s compliance efforts for follow-up and later reference should the company become the subject of a government inquiry. Read more



PerfectShield™ documents and records the performance and comprehensiveness of the compliance program for presentations to interested enforcement agencies, standards boards, acquisition candidates, and business partners. It effectively assists your organization in demonstrating that you have taken reasonable steps towards ensuring compliance. Read more