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Help Us Identify Material January 6th Eye Witnesses

This is the first investigation of a mass spectacle event that involved massive quantities of data being generated from video, live streams, geofencing, email, texting, chats, and telephone calls.

In response, the Government implemented an unprecedented dragnet conducting tens of thousands of investigations. This generated gargantuan mountains of evidence, all of which MUST be turned over to the defense. Unfortunately, despite everyone doing the best job they could (we can personally attest to the Herculean efforts trial teams have made regarding its discovery obligations), because of technological limitations and decisions that were made early on on the investigation, no level of human or professional perfection at the ground level can satisfy the government’s Brady obligations. In short, this is an unprecedented event that overtaxed litigation management systems and the capabilities of Government and Defense teams alike to the point where miscarriage of justice outcomes become a very real possibility.

Another way to say this is: we need your help. Do you recognize any of these individuals refenced in the document below? Do you have any videos of the day you can share? Do you have any eye witness accounts or recollections from the day you are willing to share?

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From information that was recently discovered or recently made accessible (review below), we are just learning about material witnesses who played influential roles in shaping the days events. This filing focuses on impacts in the East of Capitol in front of the Columbus Doors.

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