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In my February 14th Post about an armored car services audit conducted by the Department of State OIG, I threw out the following parenthetical comment: (did I mention that DOS-OIG could be doubled or even tripled in size and it would still not have enough resources?…) In reflecting further

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Bradford Geyer explains we need to keep an eye on #OIG audits

Bradford Geyer sees an enforcement agency storm forming around government grants and government procurement and he argues that contractors and grantees would be well served to keep an eye on OIG audit reports that often telegraph enforcement activity.  He provides a quick primer regarding a Department of

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Compliance: it starts at the top

  by Janet.Labuda@FormerFedsGroup.Com Whether you are a small to medium sized enterprise, or a large multinational corporation, creating a culture of compliance starts at the top. This compliance culture should permeate your entire organization starting with the Chief Executive, the Chief Financial Officer, and the corporate counsel.

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Trade Compliance–Why Bother

by Janet Labuda Janet.Labuda@FormerFedsGroup.Com I worked in Customs for over thirty years and met regularly with importers to discuss trade risk, compliance, and enforcement. Often, companies would express their concerns about the cost of compliance–the proverbial cost benefit analysis. If money is spent to create a compliance

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Bradford L. Geyer is reading enforcement agency tea leaves and he is seeing early  signs of enhanced enforcement involving grant fraud and procurement fraud at  His latest note regarding an extensive credit card fraud scheme can be found here.  FormerFedsGroup, comprised primarily of former federal investigative agents, can

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Perpetrator Sentenced in $700K Fraud Scheme

Department of Justice U.S. Attorney’s Office District of Connecticut FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Monday, January 23, 2017 Former Greenwich Resident Who Stole More Than $700K in Fraud Scheme Sentenced to 4 Years in Federal Prison Deirdre M. Daly, United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut, today announced

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Couple Sentenced For Wire Fraud and Identity Theft

Department of Justice U.S. Attorney’s Office District of Massachusetts FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Thursday, January 5, 2017 Agents Seize Approximately $20 Million and Arrest Brazilian National in Scheme to Launder TelexFree Funds BOSTON –Approximately $20 million in cash hidden inside a box spring in a Westborough, Mass. apartment,

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Who’s driving your trade compliance bus?

By Janet Labuda The short answer to the question who’s driving the compliance bus is your corporate compliance department. The driver’s seat, should not be filled with personnel from your transportation and logistics operation, the sourcing, or import management groups. All parts of your organization need to

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The Role of Customs in National Economic Growth

By Janet Labuda** Traditionally, Customs Services have been tasked with the collection and protection of revenues generated from the importation of goods into their respective countries. Declared valuation of the imported goods is the basis for the collection of duties and value added tax for the national

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Time to Reopen Some Antitrust Division Field Offices? (Part II)

CartelCapers by Robert Connolly

Time to Reopen Some Antitrust Division Field Offices? (Part II) December 13, 2016 by Robert Connolly Leave a Comment In a recent post (here) I advocated for the Trump administration to reopen some of the shuttered Antitrust Division field offices to help focus on public procurement bid

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