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Unique Perspective

GeyerGorey LLP was founded in 2012, but with the retirement of its founding partner, Andrew Hays Gorey, Jr., in October, 2020, and NJ Supreme Court expansion of law firm naming conventions, we were finally able to consolidate under the FormerFedsGroup.Com banner in November, 2020. Under the leadership of CEO Bradford L. Geyer, we handle complex civil and criminal litigation as well as corporate internal investigations and counseling on corporate compliance issues. We occasionally take on Constitutional challenges, but only when there is a substantial public interest matter at stake.

We have a broad range of experience in business-related counseling and litigation, including white-collar criminal, civil antitrust, procurement fraud (including qui tam (whistleblower) actions, corporate internal investigations and counseling on compliance, including foreign bribery (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act).  Because of its stable of former United States Department of Justice prosecutors, the firm is in a unique position to conduct internal investigations of possible criminal conduct, and is designed to effectively address these issues with enforcement agencies both inside and outside the United States.

The firm has begun to develop its international compliance practice with a focus representing clients who have challenges or seek to reduce risks associated with enforcement agencies from the US and internationally.