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Outsourcing Assistance for US-based Companies

Need to form an overseas company, but are not sure what kind or where? Need to secure plant or retail space overseas, secure local licenses and identify and hire local workers? Unsure how to reroute or develop new sources of supply and ensure their delivery cost effectively to your overseas plant on your timetable? Concerned about shipping, inventory tracking of raw materials, establishing appropriate payment terms and repatriating your earnings? Concerned about tax planning? We can help.

FormerFeds — your gateway to doing business in the United States and overseas.
Export Assistance for US-based Companies

Need help exporting your goods or services? Need help in securing warehousing space or sales help while remaining compliant with all local laws? Need assistance with inventory tracking and cradle-to-grave execution on your timetable? Not sure if there are programs or whether there is expertise available that perfectly match your needs? Need to open a business entity, but not sure what type or where it should be domiciled? Looking for customers, sources of supply or partners? We can help.

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Bringing Goods or Services into the United States

Do you want to export to the United States? Concerned about licensing requirements, enforcement agency activity, or need assistance finding partners or customers? Do you require legal support, but do not know where to turn to find the best specialist with the highest quality expertise? We can help.

Due Diligence

Need help scrutinizing the business bona fides of a potential business partner? We can help.


Need help finding suppliers, raw materials or a niche product, service or supplier? Do you want to assess the capabilities or compliance readiness of your existing procurement operation? If so, contact us and ask us about the Procurement Review Initiative (PRI). We can help.

Legal, Accounting or Auditing Assistance

Whether you require the very best help inside or outside the United States, we can help you identify the best expertise that meets your specific needs. Draw upon our extensive Rolodex and deep bench of tested former government officers who unparalleled real-world expertise in all areas of government regulatory enforcement. Hire FormerFeds.