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Demystify American Enforcement as it Applies to Your Operations

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Do you want to penetrate the US market or increase your operations in the US market or with US based acquisition partners, customers, suppliers or alliance partners?  Would you like to demystify compliance and project a compliant corporate image to suppliers, customers and acquisition partners to gain the competitive edge so American and European companies pick you instead of your competitor?

Have you engaged in a practice that has made you vulnerable to US authorities or have you learned that a US enforcement agency is investigating you?  Does it keep you up nights with worry?  Would you something about it to resolve the problem, but you just don’t know how or what to do?

An effective compliance program ALWAYS begins with an effective risk assessment.  An effective response when you are the subject of an investigation ALWAYS begins with effective threat assessment.  There are 40 Inspector Generals with investigations and audit capabilities, there are the FBI, IRS, DOD and NGO enforcement agencies who work with prosecutorial offices at Main Justice and 96 US Attorney’s Offices.  This growing enforcement apparatus is shrinking the globe and it is working more efficiently with enforcement agencies around the world.

We understand this enforcement apparatus having spent decades working within it and helping to expand its capabilities.  Put our experience and professional relationships to work for you.  It doesn’t have to be complicated.  Put yourself on the path to clarity and peace of mind with just one phone call:

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