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FormerFeds, LLC is a leading provider of compliance, business development and trade facilitation to the private sector. Our company combines technical excellence with professional experience to implement the best compliance, risk management and business development solutions for companies worldwide.

Our strategic partnerships provide unparalleled access to the most experienced senior-level attorneys and former United States Department of Justice prosecutors with a broad range of experience to serve your needs.

Through our flagship compliance system offering – PerfectShield™ – FormerFeds delivers the technology and functionality of a state-of-the-art compliance identification, notification and tracking system to all levels of your organization.

"We work with your organization so that all employees are well prepared to comply with U.S. and foreign laws."
Susan Herrmann, President
FormerFeds, LLC
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Our Services

FormerFeds offers corporate compliance services, through business self-regulation, business development and trade facilitation services to U.S. and foreign companies.

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Our PerfectShield™ system offers a unique and highly effective approach to corporate self-regulation under the guidance of inside counsel or by outside law firms.

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Alliance Partners

Drawing upon the fully developed American federal enforcement compliance culture for inspiration, FormerFeds represents a unique combination of specialists and state-of-the art technology to address the ever-increasing regulations and legislation facing business today.

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Guiding your company through our certification model of self-regulation is a tremendous opportunity to show leadership and direction to your employees…


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Important: FormerFeds, LLC is not a law firm. We do not provide legal advice. Our PerfectShield™ compliance solution should always be administered with the advice and under the guidance of legal counsel. Read more