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Compliance Culture

Federal employees receive extensive training that focuses not only on their areas of expertise and competencies, but also on ethics, hiring practices, sexual harassment, invasion of privacy and a host of other “red flags” that embeds within then a compliance mindset.

Drawing upon this fully developed American federal enforcement compliance culture for inspiration, FormerFeds has created a unique combination of business affiliates and state-of-the-art technology to address the ever increasing regulations and legislation facing businesses today.

Deep Experience

Our alliance partners have led and participated in some of the highest profile and more important criminal cartel cases, mergers, civil antitrust investigations, procurement fraud cases, and game-changing antitrust cases some of which reached the United States Supreme Court.

The collective experience of our key allies stands as a testament to their work ethic, drive for excellence, and the trust and responsibility they have been given by their clients and the U.S. government.

Increasingly, as the modern world focuses on reducing, controlling and mitigating risk, nowhere is the private sector provided with a greater value proposition than when has the opportunity to work with FormerFeds.

Experience by Subject Matter

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