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Two Men Bribe USMC Logistics Officials to Create Cargo Racket, Both Convicted

Cinnaminson, NJ- Two men, Ivan Dwight Brannan, 61, and David R. Nelson, 55 are sentenced to 48 and 24 months of prison respectively, following conviction of bribing US Marine Corps officials. The pair, one ex-agent and one truck driver, paid over $120,000 in bribes to Mitchell Potts

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SEC: Two Companies Settle via NPAs, Admit to Bribery of Chinese Subsidiaries

Cinnaminson, NJ- Per FCPA, two companies to agree to SEC non-prosecution agreements.   Akami Technologies (MA) and Nortek Inc. (RI) have both faced unconnected allegations of ill-gotten gains from bribery of Chinese subsidiaries. The companies are agreeing to forfeit $652,452 and $291,403, respectively, for confession to bribing and

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Deloitte Consulting LLP to Pay $11.38 Million in Damages for Contract Negligence

Cinnaminson, NJ–  New York-based consulting firm, Deloitte, has agreed to pay $11.38 million in reparations for failure to lower its prices per General Service Administration (GSA) contracting, costing government consumers millions from 2006-2012. The article is reproduced below with the original link following.   Deloitte Consulting LLP

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Three Navy Officers Indicted Following Multi-Year Bribery Scheme

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Former Government Official Pleads Guilty to Bribery of $15,000 for Awarded Work

Cinnaminson, NJ- Ex-government contractor pleads guilty to bribing two public officials for work his company contracted for the General Service Administration (GSA). Moustafa, Ahmed, Ibrahim, 37, bribed two building managers in the Washington, D.C. metro area for over $200,000 in awarded construction and maintenance work. Ibrahim’s hearing

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