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Monthly archive for May 2016

SEC Whistleblower Program Continues, Rewards Two Individuals $450,000

Cinnaminson, NJ- The SEC has continued to demonstrate its power in its new whistleblower program, rewarding two whistleblowers with $450,000 jointly. The third SEC whistleblower award this month, this payout follows a multi-million dollar settlement just last week, illustrating the SEC’s conviction in protecting, encouraging, and rewarding

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SDNY: Beverly Hills Auction House Owner Convicted of Wildlife Trafficking

Cinnaminson, NJ-  Claiming that the items were simply made of wood and bone, Joseph Chait, 38, came under investigation for allegations of wildlife trafficking.  Per the Southern District of New York, he has since been convicted and is facing a year in prison and a $10,000 fine for conspiracy

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Hitachi Chemical Plea Agreement Part 1- Robert Connolly

Hitachi Chemical Plea Agreement: Part 1—Enhancement of Compliance Program as a Condition of Probation

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SEC Awards Over $5 Million to Whistleblower, Provides Anonymity

Cinnaminson, NJ- The Security and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) whistleblower program continues to build momentum, awarding its third-highest whistleblower payment ($5-6 million) as well as censoring his/her identity and former employer.  The subsequent article is reproduced below, with original link following.     SEC Awards More Than $5

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Former Government Official Pleads Guilty to Bribery of $15,000 for Awarded Work

Cinnaminson, NJ- Ex-government contractor pleads guilty to bribing two public officials for work his company contracted for the General Service Administration (GSA). Moustafa, Ahmed, Ibrahim, 37, bribed two building managers in the Washington, D.C. metro area for over $200,000 in awarded construction and maintenance work. Ibrahim’s hearing

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Corning International Kabushiki Kaisha Facing $66 million in Fines for Market Fixation

Corning International Kabushiki Kaisha (“Corning International KK”), based in Tokyo, has been charged with participation in a twelve-year-long conspiracy to rig bids, fix prices, and allocate sales of ceramic substrates used in the manufacture of catalytic converters.  Corning International KK has agreed to plead guilty, to cooperate

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Whistleblower Earns $3.5 Million Award for Bolstering Ongoing Investigation

The #SEC press release below stresses makes two main points.  First, the SEC whistleblower program has been growing legs and there has been a steady upward progression of whistleblower awards.  Second, for a whistleblower to receive an award the infromation provided does not necessarily have to trigger

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AMM: ISRI Assessing Impact of Coin Buyback Suspension

May 4, 2016 | 12:46 PM | Brad MacAulay PITTSBURGH — The potential impact of the prolonged suspension of the U.S. Mint’s mutilated coin redemption program on businesses throughout the recycling chain is being assessed by the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries. “We are seeking to find

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China Refused “Market” Status in Lieu of Steel Industry Depression

Cinnaminson, NJ- In spite of small, yet noticeable developments in deregulation and economic liberalism, global trade superpowers (EU, United States, Australia) remain firm in refusing recognition of China as a “market economy.” Still a financial system of fixed exchange rates and governmental oversight of prices, China’s officials

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Defend Trade Secrets Agreement (DTSA) Signed with International Implications

Cinnaminson, NJ- Federal protection of private labor and intellectual property continues to grow in extension, allowing for more honest business competition and a freer flow of exchange. In conjunction with the recent Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a multinational free-trade zone among Pacific exporters, on 5/11/16 Obama signed the Defend

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