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Coin World: Wealthy Max publicly unseals 13 metric tons of mutilated coins

Wealthy Max publicly unseals 13 metric tons of mutilated coins Coin World by Paul Gilkes Tries to clear name in federal civil forfeiture case A Chinese firm has begun a media campaign aimed to clear its name in a dispute involving the U.S. Mint and recycled U.S.

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Coin Week: Wealthy Max Ltd – FormerFeds Group Issues Mutilated Coin Redemption Program White Paper

Recommends U.S. Mint Require Tougher Compliance Program for Coin Redeemers By FormerFeds Group, LLC ……. The FormerFeds Group, LLC today announced the release of its White Paper on the U.S. Mint’sMutilated Coin Redemption Program including recommendations to improve coin redemption procedures. This program was suspended by the

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Wealthy Max Arranges Events in Hong Kong to Fight Civil Forfeiture Case

Challenges Members of Congress and Other Government Officials to See for Themselves if the Company is Guilty Feb. 9, 2016 – PRLog — Washington, DC – Wealthy Max Limited (Wealthy Max), a claimant in a federal civil forfeiture case involving supposedly counterfeit coins, today announced that it

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