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DMD: U.S. Gov Opens Civil Suit Against Already-Convicted Louis Berger CEO, CFO

Cinnaminson, NJ-  The U.S. Government has now filed a civil suit under the False Claims Act against former Louis Berger International CEO Derish M. Wolf and CFO Salvatore J. Pepe.  While Wolff already faces a year in confinement following confession to a criminal procurement suit, the new civil

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Maryland Man Conspires with Idaho Tax Preparer in Tax Return Racket, Faces Over Eight Years in Prison

Cinnaminson, NJ-  From 2005-2008, Charles W Parker, 49, ran a tax refund racket with Idaho tax preparer, Penny Jones, 65, that earned over $7.7 million in fraudulent returns.  Parker was tasked with gathering financial information for potential customers, whose taxes were then falsely filed by Jones, earning the

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