GeyerGorey, LLP

GeyerGorey LLP has been chosen by FormerFeds LLC to be the first international law firm to beta test its revolutionary “PerfectShield™.

GeyerGorey LLP was founded in 2012 by three experienced former federal prosecutors — Bradford Geyer, Hays Gorey and Robert Zastrow — with a focus on antitrust and other white-collar criminal defense work. It has quickly grown into a powerhouse boutique with the capacity to handle complex civil and criminal litigation and counseling on corporate compliance issues.

We are proud to partner with such firms as GeyerGorey LLP to combine the collective experience of senior attorneys and former prosecutors with our latest assessment technology to deliver unparalleled value to our clients.” Jay Halaj, Ph.D., Managing Director, FormerFeds, LLC.

Because PerfectShield™ delivers the things we need most right now for our clients, we were happy to help FormerFeds LLC fine tune its compliance system to assist its other law firm clients later in the year. We believe this gives GeyerGorey and its clients an advantage in our constant struggle to implement and maintain a vigilant compliance culture that innovates and reinforces productive corporate behavior moving forward.

Robert Zastrow
Partner at GeyerGorey, LLP

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Important: FormerFeds, LLC is not a law firm. We do not provide legal advice. Our PerfectShield™ compliance solution should always be administered with the advice and under the guidance of legal counsel. Read more