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GeyerGorey LLP first international law firm to beta test “PerfectShield™

WASHINGTON — GeyerGorey LLP today announced that it had been chosen by FormerFeds LLC to be the first international law firm to beta test its revolutionary “PerfectShield™” Compliance system designed and deployed by former American fraud enforcers (a/k/a “FormerFeds”).

PerfectShield™ is the newest weapon in our arsenal to provide a ‘redundant complex risk prevention array’ for clients that is affordable and provides automated and organized support for a company’s compliance operations overseen and administered by our law firm,” said firm partner Robert Zastrow. “Because PerfectShield™ delivers the things we need most right now for our clients, we were happy to help FormerFeds LLC fine tune its compliance system to assist its other law firm clients later in the year. We believe this gives GeyerGorey and its clients an advantage in our constant struggle to implement and maintain a vigilant compliance culture that innovates and reinforces productive corporate behavior moving forward.”

PerfectShield™ provides:

  • centralized, whole-of-business risk and compliance visibility and benchmarking
  • easy configuration to meet any regulatory environment in any sector
  • unique compliance portal for customized assessments and notifications
  • red flag generation and tracking system designed to protect privilege
  • cost effective, low-risk, pay-as-you-go pricing

“We were looking for ‘software as a service’ (SAS) that provided an organizational ‘fire and forget’ system embedding compliance, transparency and corporate governance into one program solution,” stated Hays Gorey. “FormerFedsCompliance™ developed its system across disciplines so that the wall that exists between various specialties within a law firm—for instance, cartel enforcement and FCPA, is rendered obsolete by PerfectShield™; efforts in each area informs the other area and efforts to embed compliance on the “sell” side of operations informs the “buy” side of operations capturing incremental improvements, innovating the program and constantly improving and solidifying the program on an affordable schedule that factors in legal counsel’s expert assessments regarding risk,” said Brad Geyer.

“It allows us to focus on the risk and emerging legal threats while PerfectShield™ gathers the information, red flags threats and channels those threats back to us in real time so that we can immediately follow through in a way that preserves the attorney client privilege. Customized tracking and notification preferences allows inside compliance counsel, inside legal counsel and or management to track , statistically analyze performance and benchmark results moving forward,” said Geyer. All the while, PerfectShield™ documents and records the performance and comprehensiveness of the compliance program for presentations to interested enforcement agencies, standards boards, acquisition candidates, large suppliers or large customers.

GeyerGorey LLP, with offices in Washington, New York, Boston and Philadelphia, provides international and inside-the-beltway experience to individuals and companies that have become — or wish to avoid becoming — the subject of federal law enforcement agency interest.

This entry was posted in Press Releases on May 15, 2013.