FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation Appoints Interim CEO


CINNAMINSON, N.J. –  PRLog — December 29, 2015 – The FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation (FFFF) today announced that Susan C. Geyer has been appointed as interim president and CEO, while a permanent successor is sought.

Susan C. Geyer, who helms the Cinnaminson, NJ-based, a certified woman-owned business, announced that it was always her intention to hand over the leadership of the FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation as soon as possible, but that she would remain in the position until an interim Board can be established and an interim management team put in place.

The search for a new CEO has been underway and active, but it has become increasingly apparent that a special committee will need to be established to identify and vet suitable candidates.   “The main focus of the search is not just to fill the role of CEO – we also need to create a suitable board and appropriate committees to properly develop the unique capabilities or our retired experts in the months to come.  I am committed to taking the time necessary to make sure we find the right candidate to lead the organization’s next phase of growth which, because of how our organization is comprised, is unusually robust.”  FFFF’s spokesman Jeremy E. Plotnick said. “Ms. Geyer is looking for an external candidate who embodies the goals of the organization.  Ideally, it would a retired federal agent who fully understands our capabilities, practices and culture.”

The 49-year-old Geyer formed FFFF at the end of 2015, after steadily building the capabilities of its for-profit sister company, the (FFG), behind the scenes since 2010.  FFG is an international consulting and investigations firm specializing in a wide-range of services including private investigations, security consulting, computer forensic analysis and policy guidance for the business sector and government entities worldwide.  As a global consulting firm with offices in New Jersey and Hong Kong, FFG enjoys a competitive edge due to the expertise of its personnel, all of whom have extensive experience in conducting complex investigations and due diligence reviews involving business disputes in domestic and international settings.

With its “PerfectShield™” system of providing cross-disciplinary assessment and training modules designed to assess, address and mitigate international legal risks, FFG utilizes highly-skilled investigators and analysts who previously served with U.S. Government agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Internal Revenue Service, and other law enforcement agencies throughout the world, to include North and South America, Asia and Europe.  The organization emphasizes the need for building trust-based relationships with its clients, and a collaborative approach to solve problems and prevent future ones.


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Important: FormerFeds, LLC is not a law firm. We do not provide legal advice. Our PerfectShield™ compliance solution should always be administered with the advice and under the guidance of legal counsel. Read more