FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation Announces its Formation as a New Jersey Non-Profit Corporation

Feb. 16, 2016PRLog — December 28, 2015 – The FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation (FFFF) today announced its formation as a New Jersey non-profit corporation.  It will be devoted to actively assisting law enforcement, criminal justice and legal professionals in cases, where lack or resources, or expertise, threatens to generate a result that is inconsistent with the interests of justice.  FFFF also intends to lend its expertise to intractable law enforcement challenges of the day.

FFFF further announced that it would begin to build its capacity in three core areas:

1) FFFF will focus its efforts on civil forfeiture abuse. Under state and federal law, police departments can seize and keep property that is suspected of involvement in criminal activity. Unlike criminal asset forfeiture, however, with civil forfeiture, a property owner need not be found guilty of a crime—or even charged—to permanently lose her cash, car, home, or other property.

2) FFFF will focus its efforts to support cold case investigations and serial profiling investigations.  FFFF will offer support and development of cold case investigations and serial profiling investigations by offering professional, interdisciplinary cold case review, educational opportunities, published peer-reviewed research, broad-based societal outreach programming, and by creating supportive resources for families of victims in the pursuit of truth and justice.

3) FFFF will support anti-human trafficking efforts.  Human trafficking continues to be a significant challenge, not only in the United States, but in many nations around the world.  FFFF will deploy its international network of retired federal agents and law enforcement contacts to develop initiatives to undermine human trafficking and will, as resources are available, engage in operational work to secure the safety and well-being of witnesses, oversee the repatriation of those victims and help to provide the emotional, psychological and financial support to facilitate the full recovery of victims.


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