Certified Compliant Disclaimer

“Certified Compliant” is an expression of aspiration and does not confer any warranties, express, implied or otherwise. It is intended to signify the achievement by clients of FormerFeds of a corporate compliance mindset in which compliance has become one of the company’s most significant goals, accompanied by the organizational structure and resources needed to achieve this goal. This said, there is no “ideal” state of compliance. Further, declaring a company forever “compliant’“ would be to neglect to consider changes in law, changes in corporate management, and other dynamic forces making such a declaration impossible. Because there is no perfect state of ethics and compliance, companies must approach compliance as a never ending journey involving struggle and discipline rather than as a final destination to be reached. In order to be accepted as a FormerFeds client, a company must profess an eager willingness to internalize certain proprietary operational guidelines throughout its organization and reporting structure. ”Certified Compliant” captures that hypothetical moment in time when a company’s corporate mindset matures into an “evergreen commitment” to proactively and continuously pursue an ethical and compliance culture of the highest order. The management and corporate leadership of FormerFeds clients have been instructed on the need for a “tone at the top” that constantly reinforces the corporate intention to have its employees follow the law and, when appropriate, to report behaviors that are not consistent with the law and with the corporate code of conduct. FormerFeds clients have professed a willingness to keep their employees “in the loop” on agreed upon organizational change while at the same time encouraging and rewarding thoughtful dissent. They have incorporated an internal reporting structure and hotline manned by experienced professionals who know how to handle sensitive matters that have the potential for creating legal liability.  Companies that make use of the FormerFeds’ “Certified Compliant” emblem and artwork, have pledged to expose and properly report problems and not to sweep problems under the rug. They have also pledged to make ethics a priority. Not just because a strong compliance framework mitigates the risk of enforcement agency scrutiny or private law suits, but because it is just good business. A strong compliance structure reinforces good corporate communication, lowers overall costs of operations and increases profits. Those companies permitted to use the FormerFeds “Certified Compliant” emblem have pledged a level of ethical commitment that goes beyond platitudes and plaques. As both research and experience prove, ethics programs that serve merely as “window dressing” do no good—and are probably even harmful. In order to ensure a positive ethical climate and culture, FormerFeds “Certified Compliant” clients recognize that they must constantly strive to develop and implement compliance performance objectives. They seek to implement a holistic approach to ethics assessment including 1) effective communication of standards, 2) encouraged internal reporting 3) performance evaluations from an initial baseline assessment with regular re-assessments and benchmarking, and 4) documentation of the program and action taken.


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Important: FormerFeds, LLC is not a law firm. We do not provide legal advice. Our PerfectShield™ compliance solution should always be administered with the advice and under the guidance of legal counsel. Read more