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EDLA: New Orleans Businesswoman Schemes over $2 million from Medicare, Facing 80 months

Cinnaminson, NJ-  Charged with 18 counts of healthcare fraud, Tracy Richardson Brown, 46, is facing 80 months in prison, along with a $2,004,391.63 recitation fee.  The New Orleans native owned Psalms 23 DME LLC paid patient recruiters for names and medical statuses of Medicare beneficiaries and fraudulently billed Medicare for their

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California Man Runs Phony Investment Firm, Embezzles $800,000 from First Duped Client

Cinnaminson, NJ-  Nicholas M. Mitsakos, of San Francisco, faces fraud charges in the Southern District of New York for falsely advertising his investment firm, duping his first customer.  Mitsakos ran Matrix Capital Markets, a customer-free startup that Mitsakos marketed as a firm run by experienced money managers with millions

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Connecticut Cardiologist Charged with Insider Trading Surrounding Confidential Drug Trial Results

Cinnaminson, NJ-  Connecticut cardiologist Dr. Edward Kosinski has been charged with insider trading surrounding two negative news developments on a drug he invested in.  Prior to news breaking regarding patients having life-threatening reactions to REG-1 (the drug), Kosinski sold all 40,000 shares he owned, dodging a $160,000 loss.  One

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WDTX: Janitorial Service Owner Convicted of Four Counts of Filing False Tax Returns, Impeding IRS

Cinnaminson, NJ-  Victor Antolik, owner of a commercial janitorial service that operated under over five different company names, has been convicted in the Western District of Texas for four counts of filing false tax returns and impeding the IRS.  Apart from underreporting income in tax years of 2004, 2007, and 2008,

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MDNC: Online Business Owners Plead Guilty to Bank and Tax Fraud, Fail to Report Over $1 Million

Cinnaminson, NJ-  Owners of a North Carolina-based online sales business have been charged with one count of filing a false return and two counts of making false statements on a loan application.  As the owners of Southern Shores Online, Daniel Balson (51) and Renee Balson (53), failed to

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CDCA: Los Angeles Man Charged for Stashing Over $21 Million in Undeclared Israeli Bank Accounts

Cinnaminson, NJ-  After stashing over $21 million in untaxed revenue in Israeli bank accounts, Masud Sarshar, a Los Angeles retailer, has been charged with “one count of conspiracy to defraud the United States and one count of corruptly endeavoring to impair and impede the due administration of the internal

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Jacintoport LLC and Seaboard Marine Ltd to pay $1.075 Million in False Claims Settlement

Cinnaminson, NJ-  Contracted by the U.S. Government for freight housing and maritime transport, respectively, Jacintoport International LLC and Seaboard Marine Ltd have agreed to pay $1.075 million jointly for False Claims allegations.  Jacintoport, a warehousing and stevedoring firm, and Seaboard Marine, a cargo shipping company, were purchase by

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DMD: U.S. Gov Opens Civil Suit Against Already-Convicted Louis Berger CEO, CFO

Cinnaminson, NJ-  The U.S. Government has now filed a civil suit under the False Claims Act against former Louis Berger International CEO Derish M. Wolf and CFO Salvatore J. Pepe.  While Wolff already faces a year in confinement following confession to a criminal procurement suit, the new civil

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Chilean Airliner Agrees to $12.75 Million Penalty Following FCPA Suit

Cinnaminson, NJ-  Chilean airline LATAM has agreed to pay a $12.75 million fine as part of a DPA in its FCPA investigation.  The private group operated a shell company that provided faulty contracts, which were virtually bribes, to Argentine officials, in turn leading to their neighboring country’s contracting of

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Johnson and Johnson Subsidiary Pays $18 million to Resolve False Claims Allegations, CEO Jailed

Cinnaminson, NJ-  Acclarent Inc, a Califonia-based medical devise manufacturer, has paid $18 million to settle DOJ False Claims case.  The Johnson and Johnson subsidiary wrongfully marketed their sinus spacer devise to be used with certain post-surgical medicines, a combination not cleared by the FDA, but profitable due to their common

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