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Question: Why do U.S. Attorneys have their field agents conduct drop-in or scheduled interviews of potential witnesses early in their investigations often just before, during or after the service of compulsory process?
Answer: Because doing so often:
(1) opens up brand new pathways of investigation,
(2)  “locks in” favorable witness accounts and identifies individuals with biases or misconceptions, or who are prepared to lie about the facts, and, most of all,
(3) it WINS CASES. 
With FormerFedsGroup, law firms enjoy:
  • promotional $200 per hour rate with caps
  • nationwide capacity to locate and interview potential witnesses according to your plan
  • extensively trained field agents with an average of 20+ years of experience (and training costing up to as much as $1 million)
  • agents with significant experience as testifying and expert witnesses
  • solid interview reports pursuant to clear and concise fee agreement
  • coordinate interviews, service of subpoenas and scheduling for optimum results and integration as your investigative team factoring in your tactical and strategic preferences
  • always in compliance with US Department of Justice guidelines presenting low risk and protected by confidentiality fee agreement
  • wide range of services: besides interviews, agents are available for document reviews, sampling, internal audits, expert testimony and consulting.


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Important: FormerFeds, LLC is not a law firm. We do not provide legal advice. Our PerfectShield™ compliance solution should always be administered with the advice and under the guidance of legal counsel. Read more